Functions of WA & VE

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  • Perform periodic needs assessment and gap analysis studies to understand the topmost trades in demand for skilling from industry’s perspective. Develop long term strategies and plans to meet such demand.
  • In collaboration with national and regional government vocational training institutions (e.g. PSSCIVE Bhopal), NGOs, private skill training institutes and industries, determine the curriculum and pedagogy for the various vocational training options for students in Class 9 – 12 in compliance with NSQF.
  • Determine the training needs of all vocational educators in DoE schools and provide in-service training as needed.
  • Carry out action-research projects in the fields of vocational training striving to be rigorous, relevant, innovative and current, and with a particular emphasis on determining the impact of various vocational training programmes on labour market outcomes of students.
  • Serve as a nodal division in relation to all vocational training related academic support required by DoE, including support on Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Vocationalisation of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education (VSHSE).
  • Provide academic support to all work experience related education activities at elementary level including material development and training.