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The council's objectives as enshrined in its Memorandum of Association are:

  • To assist and advise the administration of Delhi in the implementation of its policies and major programmes for human resource development especially in the field of education.
  • To promote educational researches and training of teachers and other personnel.
  • To develop the curriculum aiming at an all-round development of the child, and at all levels of education.
  • To develop educational technology for use in the teaching-learning activities and in the training programmes, and to provide distance education.
  • To devise the systems and approaches for qualitative improvement of education.
  • To develop a scientific process of evaluation of the pupil and of the educational programmes and institutions.
  • To establish linkages with NCERT, various departments of the University of Delhi, Department of Education, Delhi Administration and other educational institutions of the Central Government and Delhi Administration.
  • To develop, adopt/adapt and produce curricular materials, text books and other related instructional materials.
  • To guide, develop and provide educational materials for non-formal education and functional literacy.
  • To provide pre-service and in-service training to teachers at all levels of school education.