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The proposed revision and expansion in the staffing structure of SCERT along with the changes in policies pertaining to the teacher-educator cadre will be the largest such reform undertaken ever since SCERT Delhi was established in 1988. To ensure that this crucial period of organisational change goes ahead smoothly, a dedicated Division of Human Resources Management will be created to oversee this transition process. Moreover, being a large organization with over 150 staff, modern management practices mandate the presence of a dedicated human resources team to ensure newly established staff policies are uniformly followed, strong performance management and professional development policies are enforced, and staff-related grievances are promptly addressed. 

Dedicated HR personnel will allow SCERT to ensure that future vacancies are promptly fulfilled such that the gap between sanctioned and filled positions in no more than 5% as required by CSSTE 2012. Providing support through dedicated HR personnel is also in line with observations made by the Joint Review Mission Report on implementation of CSSTE in Delhi (2016), which called for professional support to be provided for managing the teacher-educator cadre including their professional development needs. The day-to-day oversight of this division will be through a dedicated Head of HR (Division head) in close coordination with Joint Director (Academic) for faculty positions and Joint Director (Administration) for non-faculty positions.


  • Coordinate the recruitment of all new or vacant positions (academic, technical and support staff) created after the restructuring exercise at SCERT, as well as academic positions at DIETs. After the initial set of vacancies is filled, ensure a gap of no more than 5% between sanctioned and filled positions.
  • Provide all necessary support for the functioning of the Selection Committee that will handle recruitment of all vacant academic staff positions (including post-doctoral fellows) at SCERT and DIETs, and the committee to decide on promotion and offering permanent tenure to teacher-educators
  • Design and oversee the implementation of customised orientation programmes for all new academic and non-academic staff who join SCERT, as well as ongoing professional development activities
  • Maintain service books and personal files of all employees of SCERT including Leave Record
  • Ensure newly notified staff policies for teacher-educator cadre are consistently enforced, and all staff grievances promptly redressed. If these policies need to be amended to meet future needs, coordinate the process for updating the policies under the overall guidance of Director SCERT
  • Under the guidance of Director and Joint Directors of SCERT, and various Division heads, coordinate ongoing professional development activities for all SCERT faculty
  • Handle vigilance matters including disciplinary proceedings and disposal of complaints related to staff of SCERT / DIETs