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An efficient and well-staffed administration division is the backbone of any successful organization. The SCERT Delhi already has a well-functioning Administration division, which will be further strengthened. To enable more direct administrative and finance-related support for day-to-day functioning of various divisions as well as greater accountability, the necessary support staff will directly function under those divisions, while the Administration Division will largely perform core overarching support tasks at SCERT level. In addition, this division will also provide support to all SCERT and DIETs faculty for conceptualizing and producing publications. The day-to-day functioning of this division will be supervised by the Joint Director (Administration), SCERT. Following is a summary of the key functions of this division:


  • Facility management for SCERT and DIETs (as needed), and correspondence related to maintenance of SCERT Building.
  • Procurement  of stationery and other store  items, stock verification and overall store management
  • Providing all finance and accounts-related support to SCERT e.g. monitoring of funds, preparation of annual and revised budget estimates, monitoring of grants and other receipts, custody and payment of government money, reconciliation of funds, filing of periodical tax returns, facilitation of Audit by different govt. authorities etc.
  • Administrative and finance support for personnel management e.g. disposal of personal claims, disbursement of contingent charges, calculation of TDS in respect of staff and issuance of Form 16 & 16A, payment of salary and retirement benefits to SCERT staff as per policy etc. 
  • Any assistance as required by Director SCERT for smooth functioning of SCERT and DIETs
  • Managing receipts and issuing of Dak and files on daily basis
  • Provide need-based assistance and guidance to administrative and finance support staff working directly under different divisions e.g. Programme Management Unit
  • Provide support for the design and publication of various resources being developed by faculty at SCERT and DIETs including new learning material (workbooks, textbooks etc.), newsletters (paper and electronic), institute journal etc.