Offline Module 1 (AY 2022-23)

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Module on Classroom Practices to Enhance Learning Outcomes (2022-2023)

The module is covered over a span of two days. The themes and classroom practices covered over the 2 days are listed below:

Session 1 :

  • What is Active Learning? - Group and Individual Work
  • Classroom Practice 1: Mingle Mingle
  • Classroom Practice 2: Jigsaw
  • Classroom Practice 3: Mind Map
  • Classroom Practice 4: Quick response activity
  • Classroom Practice 5: Rotating Learning Stations

Session 2 :

  • Classroom Practice 6: Team Pair Solo
  • Classroom Practice 7: Frayer’s Model
  • Classroom Practice 8: Quick Exit Check
  • Classroom Practice Mela - A space where all teachers can share their own best classroom practice

 Classroom Practices: Summary

Practice Name Description
Mingle Mingle A quick activity where students walk around the classroom and talk in pairs/groups about a statement/topic/question and share their opinion
Jigsaw It’s a collaborative learning strategy where students first become experts only on some parts of a topic and then regroup to build understanding of the whole topic.
Mindmap Making connections in the form of a map using words/phrases and arrows.
Quick Response Activity It is a quick, independent or collaborative activity with minimal or no support from the teacher
Rotating learning stations Students are divided into groups and receive 1 task each group. Then the task is rotated across groups, until all groups have completed all tasks.
Team-Pair-Solo Discuss about a topic/do a task in a team, then discuss/do task in pairs, and finally solve the task individually
Frayer’s model It is a graphic organizer that helps students determine or clarify the meaning of words/concepts
Quick Exit Check It is a quick written student response to questions teachers pose at the end of a class/lesson/topic.