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Material Development
S. No. Title of the Material Developer of Material Year ISBN Link of pdf (material)
1 Ice Breakers – A Film On Use Of Icebreakers In Classroom DIET Faculty 2011-12 -  
2 Methods And Materials- A Film On Methods And Materials For AIL DIET Faculty 2011-12 -  
3 Integration – A Film On Integration Of Arts With Subjects DIET Faculty 2011-12 -  
4 ‘Paper As A Means Of Learning’ - A Film Based On Use Of Paper Craft In Teaching Various Curricular Concepts At Primary And Upper Primary Level DIET Faculty 2013-14 -  
5 ‘Role Play As A Means Of Learning’ - A Film Based On Use Of Role Play Technique In Teaching Learning Process DIET Faculty 2013-14 -  
6 Say No To Junk Food – A Film Based On Concept Of  Health And Hygiene At Primary Level DIET Faculty 2014-15 -  
7 Good Habits – A Film Based On Concept Of  Health And Hygiene At Primary Level DIET Faculty 2014-15 -  
8 Hindi Lesson  Class 1: “ भगदड़ ” Based On  Ail Pedagogy DIET Faculty 2014-15 -  
9 Math’s Lesson  Class 3: “Patterns” Based On Ail Pedagogy DIET Faculty 2015-16 -  
10 Evs Lesson  Class 4: “Water” Based On  Ail Pedagogy DIET Faculty 2015-16 -  
11 “Save Water And Save Electricity”-  A Film Based On Rally As A Technique DIET Faculty 2015-16 -  
12 Mingling with the jingles of school again Dr. Ruchi Sharma Dr. Nidhi Madan Mr. Sunil Kumar Mr. Mrituanjay Kumar Pathak 2021-22 978-93-5578-187-1  
13 Physical Education Integrated Handbookk for Primary Teacher Ms.Deepika Malhotra Dr. D. S Yadav 2021-22 978-93-5620-223-8  
14 Nurturing Skills through VENTEL Dr. D.S Yadav Ms.Deepika Malhotra Mr. Rajdev Nayak Ms. Sonia Kakkar 2021-22 978-81-956657-4-7  
15 International e-Conference “ Realigning the culture of Physical Education and Sports among various stakeholders: A Trajectory Ahead” Dr. D. S Yadav Ms.Deepika Malhotra 2021-22 978-93-5607-532-0  
16 Formative Assessment tools of Science Mr. Kapil Dahiya 2021-22 978-93-5620-223-8  
17 Mathematical Wonders- The Red Fort Dr. Ruchi Sharma 2021-22 978-81-956657-3-0  
18 शिक्षणअधिगमप्रकियामेसामावेशन Dr. D. S Yadav Ms.Deepika Malhotra Mr.Sandeep Kumar Mr. Ajeet Singh Patel 2021-22 978-81-656657-5-4  
Research Studies
S.No. Title of the Researches Name of the Researcher Year ISBN/ISSN Link of pdf (research)
1 A Study of Teachers’ Perceptions for Developing Sensitivity towards Environment In EVS Curriculum at Primary Level Dr. Ravinder Pal 2011 -  
2 Content Analysis of EVS Textbooks (NCERT) Of Classes III – V in Context to the Sensitivity towards the Environment Dr. Ravinder Pal 2011 -  
3 Challenges and concerns of Physical Education Teachers Dr. D.S Yadav
Ms. Deepika Malhotra
2021-22 978-81-956657-1-6  
4 Status of Anaemia and BMI in Pre- Service Trainees Ms.Deepika Malhotra
Dr. D.S Yadav
2021-22 978-93-5620-865-0  
5 Efficacy of Teacher Development coordinator program- An Evaluative Study Dr. D. S Yadav
Ms.Deepika Malhotra
Ms. Nishi Gupta
2021-22 978-81-956657-0-9  
6 Time Management skill of school Principal Dr. D.S. Yadav
Mr. Pradeep Gusain
Dr. Pankaj Yadav
Mr. Kapil Dahiya
Dr. Pawan Kumar
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh
2021-22 978-81-956657-2-3  
7 Awareness of POCSO act among primary teachers Dr. D.S Yadav
Dr. Tanvi Kohli
2021-22 978-93-5607-016-5  
8 Impact of AIL Programme in Primary Schools of Delhi

Dr. Lovely Puri 
Dr. Pawan Sudhir 
Dr. Shoeb Abdullah 
Dr. Aejaz Masih 
Dr. Ashok Arora 
Dr. Surinder Singh

2022-23 978-81-962764-3-0  
9 Performance of Pupil-Teachers in D.El.Ed. in relation to their Teaching

Dr. Mohammad Zamir 
Dr. Lovely Puri 
Dr. Apsara Ansari 
Dr. Surinder Singh

2022-23 978-81-962764-1-6