Online Module (AY 2021-22)

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Competency Building Modules

Online Module on Relationship Building:
1. The module is covered over a span of two days. The session objectives are listed below:

  • Session 1 (Online - Day 1):

    Teachers will be able to explore the purpose and steps to use Zoom Strategies to build relationships with students and other stakeholders

  • Session 2 (Online - Day 2):

    Teachers will be able to explore the purpose and steps to use Whatsapp Strategies to build relationships with students and other stakeholders

2. Strategies and Structure:

The module covers classroom strategies that can be used to strengthen relationships over zoom and whatsapp. Moreover, they’re designed in a way that they can be adapted in other hybrid learning modes.

Zoom strategies

Strategies Description/Purpose Activity
Classroom Agreements The teacher and learners come together to put down certain agreements that help create a conducive learning environment that meets the needs of the students and teacher. Participants are divided into small groups wherein they need to create their own group agreements
Well being check-in Check ins with students to create a sense of belonging in the classroom such that they become aware, and pause and think to recognise how they are feeling A quick ‘how are you feeling’ probe using a feelings chart
Celebrations in the online classroom Celebrating small moments and the process of learning and thinking for children, not the outcomes or achievement. Group song, chants, dramatic play, and movement raise spirits and also reinforce belonging. Brainstorming of what can be celebrated in classrooms

Whatsapp strategies

Getting to know each other The simplest way to start building relationships between a teacher and a student is to get to know each other. Despite being an online space we can create spaces where students and teachers can feel comfortable and safe to open up and share about themselves. Small group ideation activity: Enlist at least 3 activities you can do with your students that involve families/ our homes.
Online feedback The learning loop can be closed by providing feedback on Whatsapp by annotating or sending voice notes to each child based on their student work. Voice note of exemplar feedback played, participants to share thought
Check-in and check out These are quick and easy activities that help learn about a child’s interests and moods and build a fun learning environment. Activity to find an object in the room that is special to the person. Reflection on why and what participants would like to share about it and share it in their own WhatsApp groups.