Division of Educational Planning, Research and Assessments

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One of the major functions of SCERT is to lead all educational research activities in the state, and ensure a culture of evidence-based practice in both school education as well as teacher education. To achieve this, the SCERT has to constantly innovate and use state-of-the-art measurement tools, and ensure that all policy-research projects conducted by SCERT faculty display a high-level of rigor and relevance to the issues faced in schools of Delhi. 

The Division of Educational Planning, Research and Assessments will be the nodal division to lead policy-research, assessments and evaluation studies, and provide evidence-based inputs to GNCTD’s plans to improve all aspects of school education and teacher education in Delhi. It will coordinate the National Achievement Survey (NAS), State Learning Achievement Survey (SLAS) and all other systematic learning assessment studies in Delhi. A major focus area for the division will be to conceptualize and execute relevant policy-research and evaluation studies. While this division will support the implementation of all research projects at SCERT, the intellectual leadership for design of research methodology, assessment tools etc. will be the responsibility of relevant SCERT faculty with subject matter expertise.

The Division will have three core academic positions with expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methods. Further, the division can hire up to five full-time post-doctoral research fellows to work exclusively on policy-research and evaluation studies aligned with the work of various SCERT divisions i.e. Curriculum and Pedagogy (2 fellows – one focusing on pre-primary and primary level, 1 focusing on upper-primary, secondary and senior secondary level), Vocational Education (1 fellow), School Leadership and Management (1 fellow), and ICT interventions (1 fellow). The post-doctoral fellows will work under the guidance of respective Division heads as well as head of the Educational Planning, Research and Assessments division to identify projects most relevant to Delhi’s education priorities.

The division will also have 4 Project Fellows and 3 research staff with advanced skills in data collection, cleaning and data analysis, and who will work closely with SCERT faculty and post-doctoral fellows to support their research projects. There will be a provision to hire additional project fellows as the quantum of research projects undertaken by SCERT faculty increases.