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DIET Pitampura has been established as a pace-setting institution with the objective to bring qualitative and quantitative enrichment in elementary education in the North West-B district, through conducting research, experiments, training, developing materials, and providing resource support. Since its establishment, DIET Pitampura is constantly engaged in achieving these objectives.

This is an institute that captures the multi-faceted personality of elementary education visionaries. The institute performs a wide range of academic activities with the idea of developing a complete personality, self-discipline, the spirit of cooperation, innovative ideas, scientific temper, and missionary zeal which are the necessary part of studies. The institute runs a 2-year D.El.ED Programme with an intake of 100 students.

Vision & Mission

As per the 12th five-year Plan, DIETs are envisioned as “Academic Lead Institutions” to provide guidance to all academic functionaries in the district envisaged in the plan DIET Pitampura too is performing for –

  • Quality teacher training leads to high learning levels among students.
  • Improving pedagogy and making classroom learning interesting.
  • Developing Curriculum and Academic Material such as child-friendly textbooks.
  • Planning and Management of elementary, adult education, and non-formal education of the district.
  • Conducting Research.
  • Developing Low- Cost & No-cost Teaching -Learning Materials/ Gadgets, supporting innovations, and Evaluating students, Teachers, Programs, and Institutions.
  • Using Technology in Education.
  • Providing Academic Support to the different stakeholders from time to time.


To provide an academic and resource support at the grass-roots Level for the success of the various strategies and programmers being Undertaken in the area of elementary and adult education, with reference to the following objectives:

  • Excellence in the Institute’s own work, and
  • Helping the elementary and adult education systems in the district, in achieving excellence.

The DIET has three main functions via:

(i) Training (two-year diploma) in Elementary Teacher Education under Pre-service as well as in-service training of elementary school teachers, Headmasters, heads of school complexes and officers of the education department., Teachers of learning centers, instructors and supervisors of non-formal & adult education, members of DBE and Village Education Committees (VEC), community leaders, CRC / ZRC heads and resource persons engaged in conducting programmes.

(ii) Academic and Resource support to the elementary and adult Education system in the district.

  • extension activities and interaction with the fields,
  • provision of services of a resource and learning center for teachers and instructors
  • development of locally relevant materials and teaching aids. Evaluation tools etc, and

(iii) Action research and experimentation to deal with specific problems of the district in achieving the objectives in the areas of elementary and adult and non-formal education.


Construction of the new building (Six Story Building + underground multi-level two-layer parking) will be started very soon. The current total land area is 8886.62 Sq. Mtr., Build up Area is 1746.91 Sq. Mtr. and Open Area is 7139.71 Sq. Mtr.

Wi-Fi-enabled campus, spacious green compound with good parking facility.



  • Classrooms: Smart Classrooms for teaching and learning.
  • Conference room: a well-equipped conference room with multimedia projector and screen.
  • Library.
  • ICT/Computer lab.
  • Science Lab.
  • Work-Experience lab
  • Auditorium
  • Hall

Other facilities:

  • Medical Room
  • Ground


DIET Structure


District at a glance


Education holds the key to economic growth, social transformation, modernization, and national integration. The National Policy on Education formulated in 1986 and modified in 1992 aims to provide education of a comparable quality up to a given level to all students irrespective of their caste, creed residence, or sex. It aims at the promotion of a nation, a sense of common citizenship and composite culture, and strengthening national integration. It lays stress on the need for a radical transformation of the education system to improve its quality at all stages and gives much greater attention to Science and Technology. All children are proposed to be provided free and compulsory education up to 14 years of age. The Directorate of Education earnestly endeavors to implement the policy.

North West Delhi district is one of the 11 districts of Delhi. Delhi was divided into 11 districts in September 2012, prior to that Delhi had 9 districts that came into existence in January 1997 It is located in the DC office complex, North-West District, Kanjhawala, Delhi – 110081. North West Delhi is bounded by the Yamuna River on the northeast, by the districts of North Delhi to the east and southeast, West Delhi to the south, Jhajjar District of Haryana state to the west, Sonipat District of Haryana to the northwest and north, Baghpat District and Ghaziabad District of Uttar Pradesh state to the northeast across the Yamuna.

The educational facilities are provided in stages i.e. pre-primary, primary, middle, secondary, senior secondary, and university levels. Pre-primary and primary educations are mainly the responsibility of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

A yearly calendar duly approved by Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) is designed every year to ensure planned work in the area of training, research, material development, and conducting programs in an organized and systematic manner.

Details of Govt. School System of North-West-B Delhi


District ZoneZone No of MCD Schools No of DOE Schools No of HOS in MCD No of TGT’s No of Primary Teachers
N.W.(B) 11,12 & 13 211 134 211 2254 1557 2645 635
Total   211 134 211 2254 1557 2645 635

Details of DoE Government Schools of North West-B District of Delhi

District Zone No. of DoE Schools No. of TGT’s No. of Primary Teachers
N.W.(B) 11,12&13 134 2366 1333 495
Total   134 2366 1333 495