How Program Works

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Competency Building Modules

Teachers are trained on these modules in a cascade manner. Our knowledge partner (Simple Education Foundation) first trains 24 champion master trainers who then conduct the session for approximately 500 mentor teachers and STEP faculty who ultimately train 80,000 teachers across all zones and school types in Delhi. The CMTs disseminate the training programmes and are responsible for all the facilitators in their respective DIETs.

Program design framework:

Our modules are based on a design framework which is a five step process.


To make our module design stronger and for better alignment at all levels of dissemination, we do 2 things:

1. Co-working groups for 2 crucial things in Module design and dissemination:

  • Design:
    This group will ideate and co-design the competency based module. This involves prioritizing the objective of the module, constant check for relevance, research and design teacher strategies and connecting the design of the module to a) Teacher competency framework b) Ground realities of the classroom
  • Impact and data:
    This group will help ideate and co-design the creation of tools for monitoring and evaluation of the entire program. These tools include design of post training exit tickets, observation forms etc. This team will also help to evaluate the findings from the data analysis done through different tools.
  • Program Collaboration:
    This group will connect the individual needs of all the mindset and capacity building programs and bring about an overall alignment towards the bigger vision of INSET. Similarly this group will also connect back the bigger vision to each program through the Teacher competency framework. This will involve timely alignment meetings with different program partners, understanding program content and maintaining overall collaboration.

2. Capacity building of Champion Master Trainers:

Sessions on skills required as facilitators and leaders are conducted for them. For example, a session was conducted with CMTs on the skill of observation.

Program execution:
Our training modules are executed for all teachers by using the following dissemination model.


This model ensures observation at all levels of training along with classroom observation by Mentor teachers and STEP faculty to monitor the quality and application of these trainings at a classroom level.