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Before addressing the specific gaps being faced by SCERT and DIETs in Delhi currently, it was felt necessary to evolve a consensus on the vision and roles for various Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) in Delhi over the next 10 years. A visioning workshop was therefore held at SCERT on 12 January 2017 chaired by Director SCERT, and attended by members of the Expert Committee to Restructure TEIs in Delhi, senior SCERT and DIET faculty members. The rest of this section summarizes the outcomes from this discussion.

Visioning the future of TEIs in Delhi is necessary since the various institutions (SCERT, DIETs, IASEs, SSA and RMSA) were established at varying points of time over the past three decades, and in some instances, with conflicting mandates. A long-term vision for TEIs in Delhi would help identify common goals and values, as well as fundamental changes in institutional mandates necessary to achieve those goals.

The overarching vision for all TEIs in Delhi is to substantially raise the quality of school education and teacher education through increased innovation, effective teaching and application of knowledge.