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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, rightly quoted by Nelson Mandela, provides a vital clue to the teaching –learning processes that should take place in the confines or beyond the classrooms. A proper education sets people to grow personally professionally and socially. It can awaken joy, curiosity and deep desire to pursue leadership roles and positively impact those around you. Dear friend and colleagues at SCERT, it gives me immense pleasure to work at SCERT in the role of Director surrounded by the team of passionate and dedicated teacher educators, who influence the lives of many by changing the shape of education in the fast -changing scenario by bringing policy decisions and impacting the quality education.

Teacher-training is one of the significant components of all SCERT /DIETS. I am certain that effective, need-based training designs will be developed at State and District level for the academic and professional capacity building and running short term courses throughout the year using regular and distant modes as are suggested in NEP 2020.The primary goal of overhauling the service environment and culture of schools will be to maximize the ability of teachers to do their jobs effectively, and to ensure that they are part of vibrant, caring, and inclusive communities of teachers, students, parents, principals, and other support staff, all of whom share a common goal: to ensure that our children are learning.

Researches prove that Teacher Quality matters and is the most important school related factor influencing student achievement. Teacher preparation process too requires a complete paradigm shift in their training mechanism and processes. Formative and adaptive assessment of learning outcomes, competency-based learning, and related pedagogies--such as experiential learning, arts-integrated, sports-integrated. Our breakthrough is all it will take to produce quality teachers.

Researches on various State Interventions and its impact on Learning Outcomes, formative and adaptive assessment of learning outcomes, competency-based learning, and related pedagogies--such as experiential learning, arts-integrated, sports-integrated, are the areas needing utmost attention for policy implications. I can assure that a vibrant team work will enable SCERT to take a lead role in ‘Changing management process by ‘putting the rigour back in CRCs, BRCs, and DIETs which requires a change in capacity and work culture. Teacher education programs and offerings will also align with the vacancies thus projected through manpower forecasting.

I can visualise the bigger role that SCERT and DIETs have to play in implementing the provisions of NEP ,2020 with the other stakeholders and academic bodies. It requires great deal of team work and motivation. I truly believe the kind of potential we have in the organisation; we can achieve this milestone too. I sincerely hope and wish to create landmark in this direction by developing life skills through real education.

Warm Regards

Dr. Rita Sharma

Director, SCERT