Functions of C & P

मुख्य पृष्ठ/ Constituents/ Divisions of SCERT/ Curriculum and Pedagogy/ Function of C & P
  • Provide core subject matter related assistance for material development and teacher training (pre-service and in-service) for all education programmes in Delhi including pre-primary, elementary, secondary and non-formal education.
  • Lead the design, planning and delivery of all state-wide in-service teacher training programmes, in coordination with PMU, in line with DoE’s annual priorities. Local need-based in-service teacher training will be planned and delivered by DIETs.
  • Constantly strive for pedagogical excellence by innovating, as well as adapting from national and international experiences, effective approaches for teacher education and school education.
  • Carry out action-research projects in the fields of teacher education and school education striving to be rigorous, relevant, innovative and current. Collaborate with local and international universities. Hiring of additional project fellows will be tied to funded research projects by the faculty.
  • Through the Special Educational Needs department, provide support for effective mainstreaming of children with special needs right from the pre-primary till secondary level, and supporting inclusive pedagogies in schools.
  • Provide support for the pre-service B.Ed. programme run by SCERT, as necessary
  • Develop and manage all laboratory infrastructure associated with any of the departments under this division e.g. language lab, art resource centre etc.