Divisions of SCERT

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SCERT will continue to act as the apex academic authority at state level leading and guiding the various TEIs to achieve substantial and sustained improvement in quality of school education and teacher education in Delhi. Following is a summary of the proposed institutional mandate for SCERT Delhi:

Curriculum and Material Development: Driving major qualitative changes in school education and teacher education through improved curriculum and teaching-learning materials will be one of the primary focus areas for SCERT. 

Educational Planning and Research: SCERT will rigorously study the various interventions and policies being introduced in school education and teacher education, and assess their relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability. SCERT will also promote a culture of evidence-based practice by supporting action-research by all teacher-educators and teachers, and by regularly translating the findings from rigorous research into policy recommendations.

In-service Training: SCERT’s role will be limited to planning the in-service training calendar of all Senior Secondary school teachers, and coordinating the implementation of these trainings. In addition, SCERT will also lead the conception and provision of innovative ICT-enabled in-service trainings for teachers and education staff at all levels.


The revised SCERT will be headed by a Director and aided by other members of senior management including Joint Director (Academic), Joint Director (Administration), and ten Division heads of SCERT.  The broad roles and responsibilities of Director and Joint Directors are as follows, while each of the Divisions heads will be responsible for all activities of their division.