Material Development

मुख्य पृष्ठ/ Constituents/ CELLs/ MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT

SCERT, Delhi an autonomous body, established in May, 1988 has been providing academic resource support to the Directorate of Education and the Education Departments of MCD and NDMC and Cantonment Board so as to achieve an overall improvement in the quality of school education. SCERT and DIETS have been developing material (teacher handbooks, modules, activity books, activity kits, posters, curriculum frameworks, teaching-learning material and TLM kits etc.) for various stakeholders pertaining to school and teacher education. Projects pertaining to material development are published every year. However, it is pertinent to compile the existing material development work under one umbrella in a comprehensive and structured manner. This will enable the academiciansand researchers to broaden their perspective, understand the missing links and lacunas in different areas related to school education and teacher education. As an educational institution, it is academically beneficial to create repositories of material for developing our knowledge base supporting school education and teacher education at all levels, skills and attitudes required for educational research and material development. Against this backdrop, it is imperative to establish a material development cell to strengthen quality resources and support material, to collect and compile information related to all material development projects (PAC approved and others) and further streamline all existing material development projects in broad areas on a single platform.


  • To formulate standards and ensure the development of quality material at all levels for school education and teacher education developed by DIETs and SCERT


  • To ensure material is developed in all the areas(school students, teachers, Anganwadis, administrators, principals, mentors, TDC, parents, EVGC, neo-literates and STC centres, etc.)according to the recommendations and guiding principles of NEP 2020
  • To ensure material is developed for all the levels (Foundational, Preparatory, Middle and Secondary Stage, PSTE, INSET, Life- long learning) as and when required as per the needs of the state
  • To consider the shifting trends of teaching methodology, the advancement of the school curriculum, the innovation in education policy, and the demands of society while developing the content
  • To consider and approve new and innovative ideas/ pedagogical practices related to supporting material/teacher handbooks/question banks/activity books/workbooks/TLM/ storybooks
  • To organize discussions on material developed in the recent years and identify missing links, gaps, emerging areas where there is a need to develop other material
  • To develop content to extend inclusive education for children with disabilities
  • To develop content that is quite interactive and draws the reader’s attention
  • To ensure effective dissemination of material
  • To provide useful web links along with the content to promote better understanding
  • To provide relevant information keeping in mind the usefulness of the content
  • To ensure sources used in creating the content must be authentic and reliable
  • To provide material in both the modes-online and offline
  • To prepare a well-organized and user-friendly material, so people can use and handle these materials very easily
  • To ensure original and plagiarism free quality material at DIETs and SCERT
  • To showcase material annually in the form of exhibition/national/international conference

Core Team (SCERT)

  • Dr. Nahar Singh (Joint Director, Academic, SCERT)
  • Dr. Ritika Dabas (Senior Lecturer, SCERT)
  • Dr. Rekha Rani Kapoor, Assistant Professor, SCERT (Nodal officer of Material Development Cell)
  • Dr.Manisha Taneja (Assistant Professor, SCERT)
  • Ms. Farzana (Assistant Professor, DIET Daryaganj)
  • Mr. Pardeep Kumar (Assistant Professor, DIET Karkardooma)

Material Development Committee at State Level

Division State Committee Members
Foundational Dr. Meena Sehrawat Assistant Professor, DIET Ghumanhera
Dr. Ritika Dabas Senior Lecturer, SCERT
Sh. Sanjay Kumar Assistant Professor, SCERT
Dr. Chanchal Kumari Assistant Professor, R.K. Puram
Preparatory Dr. Amit Assistant Professor, DIET DaryaGanj
Dr. Ajay Kumar Assistant Professor, DIET Rajinder Nagar
Middle Mr. Joginder Assistant Professor, DIET Moti Bagh
Mr. Rajesh Assistant Professor, DIET Dilshad Garden
Secondary Dr. M.M. Roy Assistant Professor, DIET Ghumanhera
Dr. Chitra Khurana Assistant Professor, DIET Pitampura
Teacher Education Dr. Rekha Rani Kapoor Assistant Professor, SCERT
Dr. Manisha Taneja Assistant Professor, SCERT
Dr. V. K. Pathak Assistant Professor, SCERT
Administrators Dr. B. S. Rawat Assistant Professor, SCERT
Ms. Nishtha Lecturer, SCERT
Parents/ community Dr. Ritika Dabas Senior Lecturer, SCERT
Ms. Vandana Assistant Professor, DIET Karkardooma
Multimedia Dr. Apsara Ansari Assistant Professor, SCERT
Ms. Tapshree Assistant Professor, SCERT
Miscellaneous Dr. Alok Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor, DIET Pitampura
Dr. Anamika Rohilla Assistant Professor, DIET Keshav Puram

Material Development Committee at District Level

Name of the DIET District Committee Members
DIET Rajinder Nagar Sh. Pawan Kumar
DIET Pitampura Dr. Virender Kumar
DIET Keshavpuram Dr. Anamika Rohilla
DIET MotiBagh Dr. Sarika
DIET RK Puram Dr. Chanchal Kumari
DIET Karkardooma Ms. Vandana
DIET Dilshad Garden Mr. Rajesh
DIET Ghumanhera Ms. Anu Yadav
DIET Daryaganj Ms. Farzana

Administration and Operations

  • All DIET in-charges will submit their compiled Report indicating Material Development done in their respective DIETs in the last three years, missing links and gaps and innovative interventions/areas that can be taken up according to emerging needs of the society and recommendations/guiding principles of National Education Policy 2020. This report will be submitted at mdcscert1[at]gmail[dot]com. A copy will also be marked to Joint Director (Academic), SCERT.
  • They will present their compiled report at SCERT. All DIET in-charges will meet once a month to share their upcoming priorities/areas and align with each other’s areas to avoid duplication/repetition of work.
  • All DIET in-charges will organize faculty meetings in their respective DIETs twice a month to discuss emerging trends in the different areas and ensure authentic, plagiarism-free and high-quality material and submit reports at mdcscert1[at]gmail[dot]com
  • The State Committee Members of Material Development Division i.e. Foundational, Preparatory, Middle, Secondary, Teacher Education, Administrators, Parents/Community, Multimedia and Miscellaneous will be responsible for original, plagiarism-free and high-quality material in their respective divisions at the State Level. They will be in regular contact with District Committee Members (DIET In-charges) for the required information. They will support PAC in the finalization and approval of Material Development Proposals in terms of inputs and advice.
  • Material Development Cell email ID: mdcscert1[at]gmail[dot]com