Programme Implementation Unit (PIU)

मुख्य पृष्ठ/ Constituents/ Divisions of SCERT/ Programme Implementation Unit

The PIU at SCERT will take lead in all the non-academic projects and coordination tasks necessary for the functioning of the SCERT. One of the key challenges highlighted by several SCERT faculties is that a large proportion of their time is spent in coordinating logistical/administrative tasks and other non-academic activities. An empowered and a flexible PIU, with appropriately qualified non-academic staff, will play a major role in restoring the much-needed focus of SCERT faculty on academic activities.


  • Lead the complete planning and execution of the annual state-wide training activities for in-service teachers, heads of schools and other education system stakeholders, in-line with DoE’s annual priorities. Local need-based in-service training will be planned and delivered by DIETs. For each such training, a faculty from either of the above SCERT divisions will be appointed as the academic lead, while the entire planning and execution will be coordinated by this cell.
  • Assist with preparing the annual plans and budgets for SCERT, and undertake regular monitoring of progress against annual work plans
  • Coordinate Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings, and prepare progress and annual reports as required.
  • Perform all coordination and capacity building activities as required to execute SCERT’s mandate as the academic authority under RTE.
  • Lead the planning and execution of all training programmes related to Non-formal Education, with the support of lead faculty from any of the above SCERT divisions.
  • Undertake all tasks related to creation and ongoing functioning of a Training Management System (TMS) in NCT of Delhi to consolidate and track various professional development activities provided by different agencies for teachers and heads of schools in Delhi. TMS should be linked with DoE’s MIS system so that there is constant information exchange between the two on records and postings of teachers.
  • Provide event planning and management support (finalizing venues, planning logistics, ensuring facilities are in place during event, managing registration and attendees, refreshments, vendor contracts and payments etc.) for all events organized by SCERT including in-service trainings, seminars, workshops etc.
  • Provide all administrative support required by DIETs for e.g. related to infrastructure up-gradation, plan approvals etc.