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Research studies 

S. No. Title of the Researches Name of the Researcher Year ISBN /ISSN
1. A follow up study of INSET Programme for Primary Teachers Dr. Sandip Kumar & Ms. Anamika Sharma 2019 978-81-927199-0-0
2. A Study of the awareness level on Increasing Cyber Crime against Adolescents in Delhi Govt. DIETs Ms. Neha Sharma 2020 2320-2882
3. A Comparative Study of Declining Trends of Enrolment in Science Stream in Govt. Senior Secondary Boys and Girls Schools in Delhi State.” Ms. Neha Sharma 2020 2320-2882
4. Use of Social Media in Education Dr. Pramod Kumar Malik 2020 2320-2882
5. Student Learning and Perception in Teaching of Science/ EVS through Flipped Classroom Dr. Pramod Kumar Malik 2020 2320-2882
6. Impact of Critical Thinking for ‎Transformative Learning (CTTL) ‎programme on Elementary teacher ‎Trainees Dr. Shyam ‎Sundar, ‎ Dr. Sandip ‎Kumar 2021 2582-7839  
7. A study of various types of task based activities used by the English language teacher of Class 4 to develop the Speaking skills of the students Ms. Anamika Sharma 2022 978-93-94368-15-6
8 A Study of the Retention Status and Performance of STC Students Dr. Karamvir Singh 2022 978-93-94368-05-7
9 Strategies used by the teachers for promoting inclusion in the science class at upper primary level in the schools of Central District of Delhi- An Exploratory study Dr. Sandip Kumar 2022 978-93-94368-00-2
10 A Study on the Effectiveness of Pedagogy Used by the Teachers for the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in the Schools of Delhi Dr. Ram Kishor, Dr. Sandip Kumar, Ms. Neha Sharma, Ms. Anamika Sharma 2022 978-93-94368-07-1
11 Ensuring Inclusion in Science: Addressing the Vision Dr. Amit Sharma 2023 978-93-94368-24-8
12 A Study To Bring Self-Awareness Regarding Nutrition, Health And Physical Fitness In Young Children Of Doe Schools In 5 Districts Mr. Rakesh Mohan Kothari 2023 978-93-94368-16-3

Material Development

S.No. Title of the Material Developer of Material Year ISBN
1. Issues of Elementary Education All Faculty DIET Darya Ganj 2017 978-81-927199-0-0
2. Value Education Report Dr. Rajesh Kumar,  Dr. Shyam Sundar 2018 978-81-927199-1-7
3 Kaksha mein Kathputliyon ki Diniya Ms. Farzana Khatoon, Dr. Rajesh Kumar & Ms. Uma Anurag 2019 978-81-927199-2-4
4 Cyber Suraksha Dr. Pramod Kumar Malik & Ms. Neha Sharma 2019 978-81-927199-3-1
5 Handbook on Webtools in Education Ms. Neha Sharma & Dr. Pramod Kumar Malik 2019 978-81-927199-4-8
6 Action Research at Elementary Level ( A Compendium) Dr. Sandip Kumar & Ms. Anamika Sharma 2019 978-81-927199-5-5
7 Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Class-V Dr. Sandip Kumar & Ms. Anamika Sharma 2019 978-81-927199-6-2
8 Teacher Manual on Online Assessment Tools Ms. Neha Sharma, Dr. Pramod Kumar Malik 2022  
9 मूल्य आधारित विज्ञान शिक्षण हेतु शिक्षक पुस्तिका- कक्षा:8 Dr. Sandip Kumar 2022 978-93-94368-08-8
10 Club Module Dr. Ram Kishor, Dr. Anjul Sharma, Dr. Shyam Sundar, Ms. Neha Sharma, Dr. Pramod Kumar Malik, Dr. Vikram Kumar, Mr. Vimal Chand, Dr. Smita Rai, Ms. Uma Anurag, Ms. Anamika Sharma, Dr. Sandip Kumar, Dr. Neha Malhotra, Ms. Farzana Khatoon 2022 978-93-94368-06-4
11 गतिविधि आधारित पर्यावरण अध्ययन शिक्षण हेतु शिक्षक पुस्तिका- कक्षा:3 Ms. Neha Sharma, Dr. Pramod Kumar Malik, Dr. Ram Kishor, Mr. Amit Kumar, Mr. Sunil Kumar 2022 978-93-94368-02-6
12 गतिविधि आधारित पर्यावरण अध्ययन शिक्षण हेतु शिक्षक पुस्तिका- कक्षा:4 Dr. Pramod Kumar Malik, Ms. Neha Sharma, Mr. Amit Kumar, Mr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Ram Kishor 2022 978-93-94368-03-3
13 गतिविधि आधारित पर्यावरण अध्ययन शिक्षण हेतु शिक्षक पुस्तिका- कक्षा:5 Ms. Neha Sharma, Dr. Pramod Kumar Malik, Mr. Sunil Kumar, Mr. Amit Sharma, Dr. Ram Kishor 2022 978-93-94368-04-0
14 Manual on Use of Tablets in Classroom Teaching Ms. Neha Sharma, Dr. Pramod Kumar Malik 2022 978-93-94368-01-9
15 Hunar Khoj Mr. Vimal Chand and Dr. Vikram Kumar 2022 978-93-94368-13-2
16 Handbook on Common Mathematical Errors Done by Middle Stage Student Dr. Rajesh Thakur 2023 978-93-94368-25-5
17 दिल्ली की ऐतिहासिक विरासत पाषाण युग से आधुनिकता की ओर Mr. Sharad Sharma 2023 978-93-94368-23-1
18 अभिव्यक्ति कला समेकित अधिगम पर आधारित सुझावात्मक पाठ योजना कक्षा 6 Dr. Bandita.B.Mohanty, Mr. Vimal Chand, Ms. Sheelu Mary Alex, Dr. Smita Rai, Mr. Shujauddin, Dr. Vikram Kumar 2023 978-93-94368-17-0
19 Annual Report DIET Darya Ganj Dr. Ram Kishor, Dr. Vikram Kumar, Ms. Anju Pathak and Ms. Neha Sharma 2023 978-93-94368-22-4
20 Teacher’s Handbook On Experiential Learning for Class VI Science based on 21st Century Skill Dr. Sandip Kumar 2023 978-93-94368-21-7
21 अभिनव क्रियाकलापों का अनूठा संकलन Dr. Smita Rai 2023 978-93-94368-20-0
22 The Language Kit: A manual for developing ESL skills Ms. Anamika Sharma 2023 978-93-94368-19-4
23 Handbook on Innovative/ Good Practices in Teaching of Science Ms. Neha Sharma 2023 978-93-94368-12-5