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Organization of cell for human values and transformative Learning (CHVTL)

There were initially seven members in CHVTL including Chairman. In 2020 reorganisation of CHVTL was undertaken and Dr. Anil Kumar Teotia has been nominated as its Chairperson alongwith two new members Dr. Karamvir Singh, an Assistant Professor on deputation in SCERT and Ms, Swati Khanna, a social science scholar and fellow of co-existentialism since inception Dr. Shyam Sundar is working as a Nodal Officer of the cell (CHVTL) . The details of each and every member is mentioned herewith. Initial organization of CHVTL consists of two members from SCERT/DIET Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Principal DIET Daryaganj and Dr. Anil Kumar Teotia, Principal DIET Dilshad Garden, two members from DOE Sh. Shrawan Kumar Shukla a Mathematics teacher and Mr. Ravi Sinha on deputation from Gorakhpur, two members from civil society Mr. Ankit Pogula and Mr. Sanjeev Chopra and a retired Deputy Director of Education Sh. Jang Bahadur Singh as its First Chairman.

Brief Profile of CHVTL Members :

Sh. Jang Bahadur Singh Chairperson, CHVTL, SCERT Delhi (2016 to 2020)

· Educational Qualification: M.Com, B.Ed.

· Selected as PGT (Commerce) in Dte. Of Education, NCT of Delhi in January 1980.

· Selected as Principal through UPSC in Dte. Of Education, NCT of Delhi in January 1993 and joined on 12 March 1994

· Associated with Leadership programme run by “Center for Educational Management & Development” (CEMD) in chairpersonship of Ms. Jai Sri Ojha from January 1995 to December 2000.

· Selected as Education Officer (E.O.) through UPSC in Dte. Of Education, NCT of Delhi in September 2002 and joined as E.O. on 07 January 2003.

· Worked as Resource Person in Leadership programme for school principals & teachers without any financial benefit since 2003.

· Promoted as Deputy Director of Education in Dte. Of Education, NCT of Delhi in 05 October 2008.

· Associated with Createnet Education since February 2012.

· Retired as DDE (Deputy Director of Education) District South-West B, Najafgarh on 30 June 2014.

· Joined as Consultant (Training) in SSA, Delhi on 01 December 2014.

· Deputed in SCERT for looking after the Leadership programme for HOS

· Deputed as Chairperson in Cell for Human Values and Transformative Learning in SCERT, Delhi (presently this office is functioning in DIET, Daryaganj).

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Member CHVTL ( 2016 to till date)

Dr Rajesh Kumar (MSc, M.Ed, PGDCA, PhD), working as Principal of DIET Daryaganj, has contributions in more than 35 Books, 37 Audios, 40 Videos, 70 Research papers & articles,150 talks in the area of Physics and Science education. He remained associated and worked intensively with/for Akashvani, Delhi Doordarshan, CIET NCERT, NIOS, IGNOU, and Education Department of various States. After attending a Jeevan Vidya (JV) workshop at VillageAchoti, near Raipur in 2016 he is studying and practicing Madhyasth Darshan for self development and also engaged in organisation of JV workshops for the development of students and teachers of Delhi. He is helping in innovative initiatives of Delhi government for the capacity building of Mentor teachers, TDC, Principals, School teachers, students of DoE and Trainee Teachers and faculty of DIETS, SCERT Delhi. v CHVTL, SCERT, Delhi

Dr Anil Kumar Teotia Member CHVTL (2016 to2020) and Present Chairman CHVTL (2020 to till date)

Dr. Anil Kumar Teotia, Principal DIET Dilshad Garden has marked his immense contribution in developing Curriculum, Textbooks, Resource books and Reading Materials as a Subject Expert in Mathematics Education at State and National level. He is a Resource Person and facilitator for various programmes at SCERT, NCERT, IGNOU, and other state governments in India along with several other non-governmental organizations. He is a Prabodhak of JeevanVidya. He has authored several books and research papers in reputed journals on Mathematics education. He is playing a vital role in the new and innovative initiatives of Delhi government such as Leadership Development of Principals’ of DoE, Mentor Teachers’ Capacity Building, Teacher Development Coordinator (TDC) programme and the Cell for Human Values and Transformative Learning.

Dr. Shyam Sundar Nodal Officer CHVTL (2016 to till date)

Dr. Shyam Sundar was previously working as a Senior Lecturer, Curriculum, Material Development and Evaluation at DIET, Daryaganj, New Delhi. After restructuring of SCERT, he has been transitioned as assistant Professor and head Educational Planning, Research and Assessment at DIET, Daryaganj, New Delhi. His Specialization / subject area is science education. He has contributed to and coordinated various programmes conducted by SCERT, NCERT and DIET. He got introduced to Jeevan Vidya in 2015 and is studying the Co-existentialism philosophy intensely. He has conducted several programmes – residential as well as non-residential - on ‘Ensuring Values through Education’ also known as Jeevan Vidya workshops for school staff, principals and teachers. He is involved in various innovative programmes being initiated by Delhi Govt. for betterment of school education such as mentor teachers, Critical Thinking for Transformative Learning(CTTL) for D.El.Ed Trainees ,Ensuring values, TDC etc.

Sh. Shrawan Kumar Shukla Member CHVTL (2016 to till date)

Sh. Shrawan Kumar Shulka is an educator with a masters’ degree in Mathematics and in Education. He previously worked with Uttar Pradesh government as a Science teacher and facilitated workshops on teacher training with SSA and SCERT, Uttar Pradesh as a state resource group member. In parallel, he has devoted significant time in exploring and understanding the purpose of human beings. Along with this, he is studying and practicing the philosophy of Madhyasth Darshan (Jeevan Vidya).

Sh. Ravi Sinha Member CHVTL

Sh. Ravi Sinha is an educator and an innovative Science teacher with the Uttar Pradesh government. A student of Madhyasth Darshan (Jeevan Vidya), he has spent a lot of his time in writing modules for Science – making the subject more value-centric (purposeful) and relatable to students.

Sh. Ankit Pogula Member CHVTL

Sh. Ankit Pogula is an educator and a filmmaker. An Economics major and with a Masters in Mass Communication, he runs a Delhi-based film company – Tuning Fork Films. Ankit has been working on making socially relevant films and teaching filmmaking as a tool to help people explore and understand issues of identity, environment, and development. He has also been working as a facilitator for different youth and teacher training programs around India. Along with filmmaking, he and his wife are involved in studying, understanding and practicing the philosophy - Madhyasth Darshan (also known as JeevanVidya). They are in the process of translating this philosophy into education by preparing curriculum, lesson plans and facilitating workshops for schools, colleges, teachers and other educational institutions across India.

Sh. Sanjeev Chopra Member CHVTL

Sh. Sanjeev Chopra is an Electronics Engineer by qualification. He initially worked in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) from 1983 till 1994, and subsequently worked in the private sector. He came in touch with Jeevan Vidya in 2012, and came to conclusion that Jeevan Vidya offers a right model of leading a happy and fulfilling life for all human beings. He left his last job at HCL Technologies in 2014 to devote full time in developing his understanding of Jeevan Vidya. Now he facilitates and conducts workshops on Jeevan Vidya and Universal Human Values, a component of the philosophy itself. He also takes classes on Universal Human Values as an Elective subject for engineering students at NSIT, Dwarka, New Delhi since Aug 2016

Dr. Karamvir Singh

Dr. Karamvir Singh is presently Assistant Professor on Deputation from Directorate of Education

Ms. Swati Khanna