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TDC Program Framework

structure of the tdc programme

An initiative introduced by SCERT as an extension of flagship Mentor Teacher Program with the vision of creating a collaborative network of teachers in all DOE Schools.

1.Needs analysis

Led by the Core Design Team, the needs analysis is run with Mentor Teachers and Teacher Development Coordinators in all districts to identify a specific theme of interest.

2. Learning improvement cycle: creation

An LIC runs for 3-4 months and highlights a particular theme and two strategies (For ex. Psychological Safety: Normalising Mistakes & Culture of Appreciation). After the needs analysis, the Core Design Team along with volunteer Mentor Teachers create the material for the LIC.

3. Co-Learning sessions

To begin the LIC, the Core Design Team runs a session with TDC Facilitators from each DIET. The Co-Learning Sessions introduce the LIC and provide a chance for contextualisation and planning.

The TDC Facilitators then run similar sessions for their districts' Mentor Teachers who then go on to run the sessions for their Teacher Development Coordinators. At all levels, facilitators of sessions are free to modify sessions based on the needs of their participants.

4. Academic resource team meetings

In their respective schools, TDCs then hold monthly ART meetings with about 10-12% of the total number of teachers (who make up the Academic Resource Teams). In these meetings, teachers discuss the strategies of the LIC, discuss, debate, contextualise and plan implementation. The ART meetings are also spaces for teachers to discuss any challenges they may be facing or share best practices.

The ART meetings are also spaces for teachers to discuss any challenges they may be facing or share best practices.

5. observation & feedback

As teachers implement the strategies, TDCs observe their classrooms (teachers also observe each other) followed by developmental feedback discussions.

Observation & Feedback processes are established throughout the system. TDC Facilitators from each DIET, along with the District Coordinators, observe Mentor Teachers and offer developmental feedback discussions. The Mentors, in turn, observe TDCs conducting ART meetings and giving feedback and offer developmental feedback for their growth.

6. District Progress Check Meetings

TDC Facilitators from every DIET meet with their Mentor Teachers once a month to look at collected data and plan for the month ahead.


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