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During 2015-16, the Government of NCT of Delhi introduced a series of reforms to transform the education sector of Delhi. The major reforms included – enhancement of budget for education which is now approximately 25% of the total government budget since last 6 years, world-class infrastructure in schools, national/international training for teachers and principals, reforms in examination and teaching practices, introduction of Happiness Curriculum, Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum, Deshbhakti Curriculum (DBC), introduction of Mentor Teachers and Teacher Development Coordinators in schools etc. Many of these reforms have received national and international appreciation. The results of these interventions are now visible to everyone. This includes improvement in academic performances: the Class XII results have crossed 96%, which has been the highest in Delhi so far, and the number of students selected in competitive examinations has also increased significantly. These reforms and achievements were not possible without the inclusive approach of the Education Department. On one hand, the department did its best to provide world-class training to its own officers and teachers, simultaneously the department also got engaged with individuals and organizations working in the field of education for the last many years and having a deep understanding of bottlenecks of the public education system.

ImageShri Manish Sisodia Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister, Delhi

We need to re-imagine education where each child is able to utilise his/her maximum potential for overall growth. The role of passionate educators and youth is crucial to engage and help create a system that transforms the students into happy, productive and responsible citizens.

As a government that is completely committed to education, it becomes imperative on our part to nurture young talent in this field. We want to provide an opportunity for youth to engage with and contribute to the education reforms process.

In the series of such engagements, one path breaking step was to involve young professional minds to come with fresh ideas and energy and work as Change Makers in Education (CMIE) Fellows. SCERT introduced a fellowship programme to engage 54 CMIE fellows in the year 2017 for a period of one year extendable by one more year. The term of the first batch of such fellows ended in December 2019.

The fellowship conceptualized by the SCERT was a well-designed programme that provided meaningful opportunities to the talented youth to work for State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT) and Directorate of Education to transform the education model of Delhi. The Fellowship attracted a huge response from the talented youths. The Fellowship was found to be quite successful in fulfilling the desired objectives. The Fellows made meaningful contributions in new initiatives like Mentor Teachers programme, Cluster Leadership Development programme for heads of Schools, Curriculum Development and Research, Online Capacity Development programme, etc. The engagement of fellows also provided a rare capacity building opportunity for the youth and created a pipeline of change agents for the education system.


It is therefore felt that the Change Maker in Education (CMIE) Fellowship may be continued with similar objectives as an ongoing programme of SCERT Delhi with effect from the session 2020-21.

In our country, we have a bunch of talented and creative youth who are willing to engage with the government education system to contribute and add meaning to their work. There are many such youths who want to study and research in the domain of education and build a career in the education system. As a responsible government, it becomes imminent on its part to nurture such talents and provide space to the interested young minds to engage and contribute towards the education reforms process. The fellowship is envisaged to create such opportunities.

The proposed Change-makers in Education Fellowship aim to attract outstanding young men and women from all over the country, under the age of 35 years, to work with SCERT Delhi. While the term of a fellow would be one year, extendable by one more year maximum, the fellowship is an ongoing programme of SCERT.

The fellows are expected to have a clear interest, aptitude and commitment to public service. They will work in synergy with various branches of Directorate of Education or Departments of SCERT in the implementation of Government of NCT of Delhi’s policies and projects.

Potential streams:

  • Delhi Model Virtual School
  • Curriculum Reforms
  • Delhi Sports University
  • MIS and Online Training
  • Schools of Specialized Excellence
  • Capacity building of teacher

The Government of NCT of Delhi stands to gain from energy and new ideas of freshly Post-graduated and Graduated youth and apply those to policy and decision-making processes, especially with an aim to improve the quality of education.

The Fellows and interns stand to gain valuable experience of working inside the system and participate in implementation of various projects.

CMIE Fellowship Application 2022-23

The application shall be submitted online from 1.07.2022 to 11.07.2022 (upto 5.00 PM). Submission of application other than online mode will not be entertained. Applicants are strictly instructed not to send any hard copy of the application to this Council.


  • Fellow : Rs. 60,000/- per month
  • Interns : Rs. 20,000/- per month