Academic & Para Academic Staff of DIET Ghumanhera

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Academic Faculty
S. No. Employee ID Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Email ID
1 10003 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Principal M.Sc. (Physics), M.Ed. Ph.D. (Physics), PGDCA, M.A.  (Education), Diploma in Music rajesh3kumar[at]hotmail[dot]com
2 10041 Dr. Sunil Kumar Sr. Lecturer M.A. (Political Science), M.L.I.Sc., UGC- NET, Ph.D. sunilscert2[at]gmail[dot]com
3 10036 Dr. Meena Sehrawat Assistant Professor M.A. (English), M.A. (Sociology), M.Phil. (English), M.Ed., Ph.D. (Education), Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration meenaseharawat24[at]gmail[dot]com
4 10016 Dr. M. M. Roy Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Chemistry), M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Education) roy[dot]mm[at]live[dot]com
5 10031 Ms. Kavita Meena Assistant Professor M.A. (Political Science), UGC- NET (Education), M.Ed., B.El.Ed. kavitameena[dot]diet[at]gmail[dot]com
6 10037 Dr. Pravin Kulshrestha Assistant Professor M.A. (Hindi), M.Ed., Ph.D. (Education) kulshresthapravin1[at]gmail[dot]com
7 10045 Dr. Ranjana Singh Assistant Professor B.Ed., M.A (Fine Art), Ph.D. (Fine Art), M.A. (Sanskrit) ranjanasinghdietoz[at]gmail[dot]com
8 10038 Dr. Naresh Kumar Assistant Professor M.A. (Political Science, Hindi, Public Administration., Sociology), M.Ed. PGDDE, PGDRD, SLET (Education) UGC- NET (Education), M.Phil. (Education), Ph.D. (Education), CIG, CAFE, M.L.I.Sc. nky2013[at]gmail[dot]com
9 10017 Dr. Sarita Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Chemistry), M.Ed., Ph.D. (Education), UGC-NET (Education) beniwalsarita[at]gmail[dot]com
10 10023 Sh. Bhim Singh Assistant Professor Diploma in Hotel Management, M. A. (Economics, Tourism Management), M. Phil. (Economics), M. Ed., UGC-NET (Economics, Education, Women Studies, Tourism Management & Administration, Adult & Continuing Education), Certificate in Yoga Education. bhim123789[at]gmail[dot]com
11 10027 Ms. Rajesh Solanki Assistant Professor M.A. (History), M.Sc. (Computer Science), M.Ed., UGC - NET (Education) solankirajesh0510[at]gmail[dot]com
12 10014 Dr. Suman Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Zoology), M.Ed., M.Phil. (Education), M.Phil. (Zoology), Ph.D. (Education), SLET (Education), UGC-NET (Education) drsuman767[at]gmail[dot]com
13 10033 Sh. Arun Kumar Assistant Professor M.A. (Political Science), M.Ed., M.Phil. (Education), UGC-NET (Education), UGC-NET (Political Science) arunkumarlohmore[at]gmail[dot]com
14 20068 Dr. Sunil Nandal Assistant Professor M.A. (English & Sociology), M.Ed., UGC-NET (Education), Ph.D. in Education, MBA (Education Management), PGDCA, Certificate in Leading Change in Education drsunilnandal[at]gmail[dot]com
15 20061 Dr. Sandeep Kumar Assistant Professor M.A. (History), M.Phil, B.Ed., M.A. (Education), Ph.D. (History), UGC-NET (History) researcher2014[at]gmail[dot]com
16 20017 Dr. Dharmender Dagar Assistant Professor M.Ed., PGD in Envt. Education, M.Sc.(Geography), UGC- NET, Ph.D. (Education) dharmender[dot]dagar[at]yahoo[dot]com
17 20011 Ms. Anu Yadav Assistant Professor NTT, B.Ed., M.A(Hindi), M.A. (Education), UGC-NET (Hindi) yraoanu76[at]gmail[dot]com
18 20049 Sh. Rajeev Ranjan Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Zoology.), M.A. (Sociology), M.Ed., UGC-NET (Education) rajivranjanpatna4[at]gmail[dot]com
19 20018 Dr. Sonika Kumari Assistant Professor B.Ed., M.A. (Applied Mathematics, Education, Political Science), M.Phil. (Applied Mathematics), Ph.D. (Mathematics) gahlawatsonika[at]gmail[dot]com
20 30028 Dr. Suman Rani Assistant Professor M.A. (Sanskrit, Education, Sociology), M.Ed., Ph.D. (Education), PGDSLM suman80594[at]gmail[dot]com
21 30019 Dr. Poonam Chaudhary Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Physical Education), B.P.E., and M.P.E. poonamchaudhary1981[at]gmail[dot]com
22 30011 Dr. Chiter Rekha Assistant Professor M. A. (Economics, Education, Psychology, Sociology), PG Diploma in Adult & Continuing Education, ETE Diploma, B. Ed., UGC-NET in Education, Ph.D. in Education, Certificate in Guidance arohan2010[at]gmail[dot]com
23 30023 Dr. Ruby Malik Assistant Professor M. Phil., Ph. D rubymalik5831[at]gmail[dot]com
24 40013 Ms. Reena Assistant Professor M.A. (Political Science, Sociology), M.Ed., UGC-NET (Education), Diploma in Computer Science reenachaudhary1104[at]gmail[dot]com
25 40003 Dr. Geeta Tiwari Assistant Professor M.Ed., M.Sc. (Maths), Ph.D (Education) geeta.1281[at]gmail[dot]com
26 50078 Mr. Shashanshu BRP B.Tech. (CSE) Shashanshukumar[at]gmail[dot]com
27 50089 Ms. Sumer Bai BRP B.Sc. (Medical), M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed. sumeeerraa8684[at]gmail[dot]com
28 50085 Ms. Shweta Tiwari BRP B.Sc. (Forensic Science, Biotechnology & Chemistry), M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry), B. Ed. (Physical Science & Biological Science) shwetaforensic[at]gmail[dot]com
29 50074 Mr. Sanjay Kumar BRP M.A. (Indian Music) sanjaydoural[at]gmail[dot]com
30 50090 Ms. Suneha Chauhan BRP B.A, M.A (Political. Science & Hindi), Master Diploma (Guidance & Counselling), B.Ed. (Hindi, S. Sc.) chauhan[dot]snehaa[at]gmail[dot]com
31 50059 Priyanka Chaudhary BRP B.A., M.A. (Sociology), B.Ed. (English & S. Sc.) pinkach2808[at]gmail[dot]com
32   Mithlesh Kumar BRP (IT) MCA, BCA and JCHNE mithleshkmr50[at]gmail[dot]com
33   Kundan Kumar Choudhary Senior Consultant (PMU) BA, LLB, D.El.Ed ckkrpvv[at]gmail[dot]com
34   Mr. Ankit Ruhil DEO B.A., Diploma in Computer, D. El. Ed. ankit6346ruhal[at]gmail[dot]com
35   Yash Gautam Project Fellow D. El.Ed, Graduation yashh2831[at]gmail[dot]com
36   HARSH DAGAR  MTS PMU  12th pass / Under BA harshdagar8800[at]gmail[dot]com
Para Academic Staff
1 60060 Sh. Inder Pal Lab Asstt. 11th inderpaly68[at]gmail[dot]com
Administration Staff
1 60017 Sh. Ajay Kumar Goyal ASO B. Com. ajaygritu2410[at]gmail[dot]com
2 80020 Sh. Uma Shanker Sharma Estate Manager (ASO) M.A. (Public Administration) uma637908[at]gmail[dot]com
3 80001 Sh. R.K. Sharma AAO/Consultant (Accounts) M.Com ramesh.k.sharma59[at]gmail[dot]com
4 80013 Sh. Santosh Kumar S.O./Consultant (Admin) M.A. santosh06666[at]gmail[dot]com