Primary Leadership Development Program (PLDP) 0

Primary Leadership Development Program (PLDP)


SCERT launched the Primary Leadership Development Program in 2021 in 4 zones of MCD, Delhi with a vision that All schools in MCD grow as learning organizations and embody a learning culture.

With primary schools forming the most crucial base of learning of our children in the government school system, the PLDP program aims at strengthening this base to form vibrant, thriving schools.  

The objectives of the program are:

  • Development of leadership competencies of all Principals & teachers to strengthen their role as educational leaders of their schools for the development of all children
  • An ongoing process of learning and improvement.
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The PLDP program was envisaged on the lines of CLDP (Cluster Leadership Development Program), a continuous learning program by SCERT for leadership development  of Principals in the Department of Education, Delhi.


The CLDP program showed impact in the development of the school leader and the functioning of the school, as evidenced by a research conducted by CORD, 2019. This built an understanding of the impact peer learning communities for educators can have on the direct functioning of the school.

This research was used as the base to conceptualize the PLDP program and at the same time contextualize it to the needs, context, people and organization of primary MCD schools.

The initial phase of the program (before it was started with all 580 schools as monthly cluster sessions), was planned to ease the team into the process in a very gradual and supported manner.


The ongoing and continuous Facilitator Development process focuses on building the following competencies in the small group of principals who step up and volunteer to be facilitators for their peers.


This process of developing their competencies of facilitation was done in two ways. Firstly as full day sessions in Delhi, which were done from Feb to Jul, and secondly through an intensive 5 day offsite in November, which was conducted in Aurovalley Ashram, Rishikesh.

From August 2022, monthly cluster sessions for all 4 zones of the MCD schools have started. From August, the cycle being followed on a monthly basis is depicted below.


All sessions for PLDP are based on the Principal Competency Framework shown below.