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Online Programs, #myEMC

During the lockdown, the EMC Team designed activities that were communicated to students via teachers’ WhatsApp groups as posters and YouTube video links as well as text messages (SMS). Students performed the activities and shared their responses via WhatsApp or Social Media




EMC Bootcamp

For the EMC students in Delhi Government Schools who are interested in furthering their Entrepreneurship Mindset, EM Bootcamps are expected to take their entrepreneurial abilities to the next level. Given the mobility restrictions during the Covid-19 crisis, the Bootcamp was either to take the form of developing and presenting a business pitch for a new venture or developing a specific subset of the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Each Partner Organization was to run such Bootcamps in one or more batches of students. A total of 14 batches were organized. Each batch typically had between 25 and 32 students.

Bootcamp Timeline & Partner Organizations

The online Bootcamps ran between June 1, 2020 and August 3, 2020 with typically 1 to 3 online sessions every week. The actual length of the programmes varied from four weeks to seven weeks depending on the Partner. The following Partner Organizations offered one or two batches of online Bootcamp

  • Akadasia, FreeJoo platform Futurepreneur 101 EMC course, two batches
  • Alohomora Education - Unlocking Minds, one batch
  • Kidzpreneur
  • School of Future, Entrepreneurs Academy
  • tGELF -- the Global Education and Learning Foundation
  • Udhyam Learning Foundation -- Entrepreneurship Education
  • UltaBhonpu
  • Youth Startup network (YSN)

Observers from the EMC Team at SCERT and Mentor Teachers observed each of the Bootcamp batches and filed their observations on a periodic basis.

Highlights and Reflections


For continued learning at home, weekly EMC worksheets were sent out to students based on specific EMC themes. Worksheets were sent via the core academic unit, and reached students either through WhatsApp or were collected by parents or students from the school. Each worksheet was also accompanied by a video explaining it. A total of 27 worksheets were sent to students starting 10th of August, 2020.