EMC Pedagogy

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Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) Pedagogy: Learning via Experience, Inspiration and Reflection

The pedagogy for developing the Entrepreneurship Mindset in students is primarily experiential, with some degree of inspiration and a lot of reflection.

  • Experience - Students learn by doing activities either by themselves or with classmates in small groups, and increase their understanding by asking questions and exploring options. Activities include both classroom activities and outside the classroom activities.
  • Inspiration - Students get a chance to interact with real-life successful entrepreneurs and professionals, and listen to their stories highlighting specific mindset themes.
  • Reflection - Individually and collectively in small groups, students share their observations and explore questions about their experiences in doing activities or about the entrepreneurship mindset observed in the journeys of successful entrepreneurs and professionals. These reflections help in deepening their learning to be applied to future experiences.

This pedagogy is woven into six components, two are conducted inside the classroom and two are done in the outside world.

Components in the Outside World

  • Seed Money Project - “Business Blasters”
  • Career Exploration

Components in the Classroom

  • Mindfulness
  • Thematic Units
  • Student Specials
  • Live Entrepreneur Interactions