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Happiness Curriculum

Brookings Institution in partnership with Dream a Dream conducted a pilot study in the year 2019 to design an assessment tool for Happiness Curriculum. The report published reflects the below mentioned impacts on teachers and students.



To read the full report click on the link below:

Research 2022-23


“There is a tremendous change that I see in myself ever since the Happiness classes started in my school. I used to find it impossible to express myself. In the last one year, I have come a long way. Not only do I enjoy studies and play. I have also discovered my creative side. My mind is full of exciting ideas. I recently surprised my friends by making necklaces for them.”
Ganga, Class VII, Student

“I am noticing a lot of change in my daughter since she started attending the Happiness class. Earlier she rarely spent time with me and was glued to the phone and TV. But now she not only spends time with me but also helps me with housework. She shares all the stories that are told to her in the Happiness class. And she shares many anecdotes from school. It feels good to connect with her and share her happiness.”
-Geeta and Meenakshi, Parents

“Happiness curriculum is required nowadays, when our studies are marks based and children are lacking moral values and the real essence of school life. Through the activities, in the happiness classes, our kids get a platform to express themselves. As a teacher, we can inculcate values in them. Kids are enjoying this period.”
- Ms. Pratibha Bhasin, Vice Principal, GGSSS, Shalimar Bagh