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Cell for School leadership (CSL) was established in SCERT w.e.f. the year 2015 with a specific mission of enhancing leadership - both academic and administrative - in our Educational Institutions.  Ever since it came into existence, CSL has been working constantly in the Direction of strengthening the required skills of various stakeholders with a view to bringing about changes in our education system through national and international exposures in collaboration with various knowledge partners.

At the national level, we have been able to create a few teams of facilitators who are ready to carry our mission forward by training the stakeholders through various co-learning sessions, orientations, workshops, and offsite training programs under the Cluster Leadership Development Program (CLDP) and TDC Program. Some NGOs like Creatnet Education and STiR Education working in the field of education have come forward to collaborate with SCERT as knowledge partners. For continuous professional development of facilitators, various intensive Facilitator Development Programs are carried out from time to time.

With a view to strengthening the quality of administrative and academic leadership among Heads of Schools and teachers and enhancing teaching and learning effectiveness of teachers and students, a large number of our Heads of Schools (HOSs), a team of Core Academic Unit (CAU), Mentor Teachers (MTs), and Teacher Development Coordinators (TDCs) have already been trained at various institutions of world-class reputation like Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad, University of Jyvaskyla - Finland, Judge Business School – Cambridge, UK, and NIEI, Singapore which are leading institutions in the field of education.

is our vision. We have owned up the responsibility to ignite a trend of leadership among HOS & Teachers and the same will extend to our society. The modern world is confronted with so many issues the solutions of which need to be sought out and it is possible through education. We aim at promoting a teaching-learning culture in schools with a view to preparing our students to be good citizens who will be able to face challenges and find out tangible solutions to day-to-day problems. We look forward to creating an environment in schools where we can design future generations according to not only present-day needs but also our expectations.