Components of EMC

1. Thematic Units

Blending various entrepreneurial abilities with foundational abilities and key qualities, 30+ Units on 17+ themes have been designed across grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, with due consideration given to reducing workload for students in grades 10 and 12 preparing for Board examinations. Themes have been designed to meet objectives as defined in the EMC Framework. Themes with broader and complex objectives are spiraled across multiple grades to meet the objectives. Each Thematic Unit has a set of learning outcomes which are achieved by the Activities and Story (where present) along with associated Reflection and Discussion. The following online training videos are available for understanding and conducting of Thematic Units in EMC classes.

2. Seed Money Project: “Business Blasters”


The primary objective of “Business Blasters” is to provide an immersive real world opportunity to practice and apply the entrepreneurial abilities learned in the classroom. Using the seed money provided by the government, in small teams, students identify and pursue real world opportunities either for making profit or for creating social impact. Research and experience of various universities around the world have confirmed that immersive real world projects like this accelerate developing entrepreneurial abilities. A playlist of videos of nine projects from the pilot of Business Blasters in School of Excellence Khichripur provides a good idea of the amazing results.