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Division of Curriculum and Pedagogy

This division will house majority of the core academic faculty of SCERT dealing with curricular studies and pedagogy. While the division consists of 9 departments focusing on specific school/teacher education subject areas (mathematics, science, languages, social sciences, art education, special education needs, commerce studies, health and physical education, and foundation studies), there will be a distinct and equal focus within each relevant department on the two critical stages of a child’s growth: pre-primary and primary stage (pre-school to Class 5), and upper-primary, secondary and Senior secondary stage (Class 6 to Class 12).

This division will, therefore, follow a unique matrix structure with faculty specializing in specific subject/functional areas as well as in pedagogy suitable to a specific stage of child’s growth. The division will be headed by two professors, each focusing on one of the above-mentioned two stages of a child’s growth. This unique structure recognizes the need to strengthen early-childhood education in Delhi, while also maintaining continuity in the learning process for the child from pre-primary to primary stage. This structure recognizes that the pre-primary and primary stages are bounded together by an overarching focus on child-centered learning, inclusive education, and developing foundational learning skills (especially reading and numeracy) in all children, while the focus in upper-primary and secondary shifts towards subject content. Following are the key functions to be performed by this division:

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Page last updated date : 24-03-2023