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C & P Faculty

Division of Curriculum & Pedagogy
S. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Email ID
1 Dr. Bindu Saxena Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.A. (Psy.), M.Ed., NET, M.Phil. (Edu.), Ph.D.
2 Dr. Ritika Dabas Sr. Lecturer MA, M.Ed., B.El.Ed., NET, Ph.D. (Edu.)
3 Dr. Bir Singh Rawat Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Phy.), M.Ed., MA (Socio, Geo, Pol. Sc.), MBA, NET, Ph.D.
4 Dr. Geeta Assistant Professor MA (Eng.), M.Ed., Ph.D., M.Phil.(Eng), NET
5 Dr. Rekha Rani Kapoor Assistant Professor MA (Eng., Hindi), M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Edu.), NET
6 Dr. Tapsa Verma Assistant Professor M.Sc., MA, M.Ed., NET, Ph.D.
7 Dr. Gaurav Sharma Assistant Professor M.Ed., MA (Maths, Philosophy), Ph.D., NET, MCA
8 Ms. Tapshri Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Physics), M.Ed., NET
9 Dr. Apsara Ansari Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Bio. Tech.), M.A(Psychology), M.Ed., NET (Edu), Ph.D. (Edu)
10 Mr. Sanjay Ahirwar Assistant Professor MA (Hindi), M.Ed., M.Phil. (Edu.), NET
11 Dr. Ashok Kumar Assistant Professor M.Com, M.A. (Hindi, Psy.), M.Ed., NET, Ph.D.
12 Dr. Manisha Taneja Assistant Professor M.A. (Sanskrit, Hindi), M.Ed., NET (Edu), Ph.D. (Edu)
13 Ms. Preeti Asst. Professor MA English, Education), NET(Education), NET English, LLB
14 Mr. Nassruddin Assistant Professor M.A (History, Political Science, Hindi), M.Ed , M.Phil
15 Sh. Amit Kumar Lecturer M.Sc., B.Ed., M.A. (Edu), M.Phil.
16 Sh. Pradeep Gusain Assistant Professor B.Sc.(Chem-Hon), B.Ed., M.Sc.(Chem), M.A. (Psy.), M.A.(Edu), NET


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