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About Cell (CHVTL)

Members of Cell for Human Values and Transformative Learning (CHVTL)


Dr. Anil Kumar Teotia

 1. Dr. Anil Kumar Teotia, Principle DIET Dilshad Garden, Chairperson

Dr. Anil Kumar Teotia is an accomplished educationist, author, and expert in the field of Teacher Education. He is working as the Principal of one of the   Teacher Training Institute, DIET Dilshad Garden, SCERT Delhi. His works include highly acclaimed research papers in reputed national and international       journals. He has been associated with Jeevan Vidya since 2015. He has been actively contributing as a member of the Cell for Human Values and   Transformative Learning and Happiness Curriculum in Delhi. He has been associated with several educational projects with various educational and social   organisations such as UNICEF, the Government of Bihar & Rajasthan, Save the Children and so on. He is also associated with STIR education to develop and   facilitate Teacher Development Programs in the Directorate of Education, Delhi.                 


 2. Dr. Shyam Sundar, Assistant Professor DIET Daryaganj, Nodal   Officer

Shyam Sundar holds a Doctorate in Education. He has written several   books  on Environmental Studies, C.C.E, Action   Research and is currently   a team member of Happiness Curriculum, Critical Thinking for Transformative   Learning (CTTL)   Curriculum for D.El.Ed and Jeevan Vidya (Madhyasth   Darshan- Co-Existentialism). He has expertise in content development,   research and assessment. He has organised several In-Service   programmes  for Mentor teachers, Lecturers, Principals, Vice-   Principals   and Deputy Directors of Education. He has also written papers in magazines, journals and books.                  


Swati Khanna

 3. Ms. Swati Khanna, Human Value Expert, Member

Swati Khanna is a documentary filmmaker and has worked for 10 years with EarthCare Films, an Environmental and Wildlife Production house based in Delhi. She believes that films can be used as an important tool for social change to help youth engage in issues that go unseen. She has facilitated film workshops as part of Earth Care Outreach and Tuning Fork Films, Delhi. She has also worked intensively with non-profit organisations working in the field of environment and education. She has a keen interest in education and believes that Education is the best tool to bring about the changes we wish and hope for in society. Her interest in Education led her to be a core member of the team that designed the framework and content of the Happiness Curriculum for the Delhi Govt schools. She is a student of the Madhyast Darshan philosophy that guides her vision in Education.

 Mr. Shrawan Kumar Shukla, DOE UP, Member

 4. Mr. Shrawan Kumar Shukla, DOE UP, Member

Sh. Shrawan Kumar Shukla is an educator with a masters’ degree in Mathematics and in Education. Presently he is working with the Uttar Pradesh government as a core member of the team developing the Anubhooti Pathyakram. He has worked as a Science teacher and facilitated workshops on teacher training with “Sarv Siksha Abhiyan” and “State Council of Educational Research and Training”, Uttar Pradesh as a state resource group member. In parallel, he has devoted significant time to exploring and understanding the purpose of human beings. Along with this, he is studying and practicing the philosophy of MadhyasthDarshan (JeevanVidya).- the key foundation of the Happiness Curriculum. He has been pending performing his duties as Jeevan Vidya Prabodhak also besides having worked as the core member of the main team which developed the Teachers' Handbooks on Happiness Curriculum of the Govt of Delhi.He has also contributed as a key person in developing the curriculum framework for Critical Thinking for Transformative Learning (CTTL)- a new subject for inculcating human values among the teacher trainees of the Diploma in Elementary Education in Delhi

Ankit Pogula

 5. Mr. Ankit Pogula,Human Value Expert, Member

Ankit Pogula is an Educator and Documentary filmmaker. He has been working in the field of education creating holistic and meaningful educational content for over 14 years now. From working with different grassroots organisations on edcuation to SCERT s of different states, he has also worked on graduate level programs with students of different universities and colleges around India. Ankit has been facilitating sessions on Identity, Human Values, Deveopment and Sustainability based on Coexistential Philosophy, also known as Jeevan Vidya workshops. His passion is to work with young people and teachers to make education a fulfiling and exploratory process. He believes that guided self Exploration could result in humans being more happier and peaceful. Last few years Ankit Pogula has been part of Cell For Human Values and Transformative Learning, where he was part of the core team which designed and created the well known happiness curriculum for Delhi Govt. He has also been a member of AICTE s National Coordination committee for Student Induction Program which designed and overlooked the SIP for AICTE affiliated colleges. He is currently also associated with Maanav Teerth in Chattisgarh which is working on the vision of Humanisation of Education’.

Mr. Sanjeev Chopra,Human Value Expert, Member

 6. Mr. Sanjeev Chopra,Human Value Expert, Member

Sanjeev Chopra (58 years) is an Electronics Engineer. In search of a right model of living, he came in touch with Madhyasth Darshan in 2012 and continues to develop his understanding of Madhyasth Darshan since then. He has been actively involved since beginning in the development of Happiness Curriculum which was launched in Delhi schools in 2018.For the last five years, he has been conducting Jeevan Vidya workshops for principals and teachers of Delhi schools, for faculty and students of DIETs, and for faculty of engineering colleges on behalf of AICTE.


Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Principal DIET Ghumanhera, Member

 7. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Principal DIET Ghumanhera, Member

Dr Rajesh Kumar is the Ex. Founder chairman of the committee of internationally acclaimed and acknowledged Happiness Curriculum ,developed by the Government of Delhi.He is also one of the founder members of Cell for Human Values and Transformative Learning and since then involved in various value education programmes and projects for Delhi. He is intensively engaged in bringing academic excellence in the area of Education for the last 35 years through various Research and material development projects, pre-service and in-service trainings, publication of books, papers and articles. Presently He holds the post of the Principal of District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Southwest District, Ghumanhera Delhi. He is a self motivated, result oriented, Educator with specialization in Educational Technology, Music,Value and Science Education.


Karamvir Singh

 8. Dr. Karamvir Singh, Assistant Professor DIET Daryaganj, Member

Dr Karamveer Singh, a true educationist at heart possesses a dynamic personality in the field of research and communication skills. He exhibits extraordinary command in strengthening interpersonal relationships especially among various stakeholders of the education sector. An alumnus of National University for Educational Planning and Administration Dr Karamveer Singh is presently working as Assistant Professor in School Leadership and Management in the SCERT Delhi. Dr Singh has presented more than two dozen research papers at National and international level. He is one of the core members who developed the happiness curriculum for the Government schools of Delhi.


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