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INSET Best Practice


SCERT Delhi, an autonomous organization under the GNCT Delhi, is entrusted with the responsibility of providing academic resource support to the Directorate of Education and the Education Department of MCD, DCB and NDMC, so as to achieve the overall improvement in the quality of School Education.

Under the aegis of SCERT, nine DIETs approximately one in each district, are functioning to provide academic resource support and Pre-Service and In-Service Education for teachers at the primary level. SCERT has made significant contributions and has been performing pioneering roles in the area of school education in general and teacher education in particular in both Pre-Service and In Service Education of teachers and also by providing academic support to the Department of Education, GNCT of Delhi in formulation of policies and planning procedures.


SCERT is entrusted with the responsibility of providing quality in-service training to Delhi Government school teachers. It has the mandate to train and build the capacity of teachers and support it with curriculum and training module development. The NEP also recommends continuous professional development of teachers for self improvement to learn the latest innovations and advances in the teaching profession. To fill this gap of moving from subject based training to new approach of training interventions, competency based modules have been recommended to SCERT Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) 2021/22. A needs analysis was carried out to gauge the needs of the teachers and arrive at the final competency based modules.



The main idea of needs based training modules for INSET training emerged from a pilot field visit carried out in a few Delhi government schools to understand the needs of teachers with respect to SCERT teacher training. This was followed by a rigorous process of needs analysis, encompassing focus group discussions (FGDs) and interviews with Mentor Teachers and google form responses from DOE teachers. The data triangulation of FGDs, interviews and google forms led to the development of a conclusive list embodying the needs for this year's INSET training program. Underpinning the needs analysis process was a competency framework developed through international research. The framework has been created based on three teacher competency frameworks namely: the Early Career Framework (ECF), Tripod 7Cs framework for effective teaching and the Skillful Teacher.

The needs arising from these two exercises saw a shift from previously organised subject centered training to competency based approach. In other words, there was a demand to build the teacher's professional capacity, strengthen their skill set to act as facilitators and enablers of learning. On the whole, provide training that will give them an expansive world-view towards new teaching practices and help gain new insights into classroom teaching. 

To execute this plan of training Delhi Government teachers on competency based modules, specialists will be engaged to create and facilitate these modules. An expression of interest will be by SCERT to identify capable organizations and empanel them to conduct these trainings.


Relationship Building in Online Classroom 

Simple Education Foundation was onboarded in July 2021 as SCERT’s knowledge partner. The purpose of this was to build a strong core team for In-Service Teacher Training. The idea was to transform INSET and modify professional development of teachers as per the needs of the changing times.