Session 2022-23

S. N. Name of the Exposure Program Destination Category Objective Duration No. of Partici-pants Report
1 5 Days Residential Master Trainers Programme of Sanskrit Shrimad Dayanand Arsh Jyotirmath Gurukul, Pondha, Dehradun, (Uttarakhand) Sanskrit Master trainers of DoE Strengthen training techniques on all four language skills. Comprehensive exposure to the “Activity-based Language Teaching for Sanskrit Teachers”. Mode of delivery: Presentations, discussions, group activity, experiment-based training Output: Building a core team of Master Trainers to conduct Teacher Training programs. Identify the problems and solutions through “Action Research” 28.06.2022 to 02.07.2022 41 Report
2 5 Days Residential Training Programme for TDC Facilitators of SCERT/DIET faculty. Hotel Ramada, Mussorie TDC Facilitators of SCERT/DIET To build cohesiveness within the group with a shared purpose. To share best practices to Co-Learn. Build shared understanding and practice coaching, facilitation and feedback To discuss roles & responsibilities and support structures for MTs, TDCs, ARTs and Non-ARTs Creating DIET/District specific plan for the upcoming cycles 20th to 24th June, 2022 46 Report
3 5 days Residential Training Programme of facilitators of CLDP CROWNE PLAZA, JAIPUR (5 STAR) HOS of DoE Strengthen core themes for the year - teacher as a facilitator, non-positional leadership Introduction, experience and practice of facilitation competencies for the new facilitators Building connect between facilitators and creating a shared vision Strengthen Facilitator development competencies for older facilitators through a stronger feedback loop 25.06.2022 to 29.06.2022 88 Report
4 Leadership for Excellence in Education at IIM- A IIM Ahmadabad HOS of DoE 1.To Develop the leadership Skills 2.Effective Communication and Team Management 3.Managing and Sustaining change 4.Mentoring and Counselling 08-08-2022 to 13-08-2022 50 Report
5 Leadership for Excellence in Education at IIM- A IIM Ahmadabad HOS of DoE 31-10-2022 to 04-11-2022 50 Report
6 5 Days Residential  Training for PLDP MCD Facilitator Aurovalley Ashram, Raiwala, Uttarakhand MCD Facilitators 1.Development opf leadership competencies of all Principals to strengthen their role as educational leaders of their schools. 2.Introduction, experience and practice of facilitation competencies for facilitators. 3.Strengthen Facilitator development competencies for facilitators through a stronger feedback loop. 4.Prepare for December cycle of PLDP Cluster sessions. 15-11-2022 to 20-11-2022 51 Report
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