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Functions of LS & CE

  • Provide support to all life skills and peace education activities in government schools of Delhi including context-relevant material development, greater integration with regular curriculum and training of teachers and heads of schools.
  • Ongoing capacity building support for Educational and Vocational Guidance Counsellors (EVGC) on matters related to life skills development.
  • Provide support to all practical civic education activities in Delhi’s government schools with the aim of empowering the school children with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to develop a deep sense of ownership and responsibility towards their society and neighbourhood.
  • Inculcating a spirit of civic awareness and active civic engagement among school children by organizing workshops and events, and engaging students in practical civic projects in their neighbourhood.
  • Carry out action-research projects in the fields of school leaders/administrator education and school system management striving to be rigorous, relevant, innovative and current. Collaborate with local and international universities. 
  • Provide all necessary faculty support for the pre-service B.Ed. programme.
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Page last updated date : 26-09-2022