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Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC)


The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) was launched for around 7.5 lakh students of classes 9-12 in 1,000+ schools in July 2019.

The EMC Vision

For nation building, we need to nurture and develop leaders who dream big, take risks, set vision for inspiring innovations and demand excellence in execution. The world around us has no dearth of unsolved problems and untapped opportunities. Why do we not see a large number of graduating students identifying opportunities, brainstorming and trying out solutions? Instead, we see masters and doctorate graduates lined up for applying to a peon’s job. We need to prepare students’ mindsets during school education so that they can take charge of their careers and become productive citizens of the country. Two video clips given below give more clarity into the Vision behind EMC.

The EMC Mission

Nurturing their own abilities, empower students to take charge of their career-paths in employment or entrepreneurship.

What is the Entrepreneurship Mindset?

Irrespective of what they pursue, we want our students to think like an entrepreneur -- willing to dream big, try new and challenging goals, be able to recognize opportunities around, and then plan and execute to bring them to fruition. Failures are a part of life, but our students should be able to bounce back from them, analyze and learn from both successes and failures, and relentlessly persevere to achieve their goals. These entrepreneurial abilities are linked with several foundational abilities and key qualities listed below.

Foundational Abilities

Key Qualities

Critical Thinking




Collaboration, Teamwork


Decision Making


Drive / Adapt to Change

Manage Fears

Integrity & Ethics


Problem Solving


Reflect, Analyze

Self Awareness & Self Confidence



How is the Entrepreneurship Mindset Inculcated in EMC?

Learning via Experience, Inspiration and Reflection

The pedagogy for developing the Entrepreneurship Mindset in students is primarily experiential, with some degree of inspiration and a lot of reflection.


This pedagogy is woven into six components, two are conducted inside the classroom and two are done in the outside world.

Components in the Outside World

  • Seed Money Project: “Business Blasters”
  • Career Exploration

Components in the Classroom

  • Mindfulness
  • Thematic Units
  • Student Specials
  • Live Entrepreneur Interactions


Each of these components is briefly described under separate headings.

Seed Money Project: “Business Blasters”

The primary objective of “Business Blasters” is to provide an immersive real world opportunity to practice and apply the entrepreneurial abilities learned in the classroom. Using the seed money provided by the government, in small teams, students identify and pursue real world opportunities either for making profit or for creating social impact. Research and experience of various universities around the world have confirmed that immersive real world projects like this accelerate developing entrepreneurial abilities.